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Any Eurovision fan will treasure this page trip down memory lane. John Kennedy O'Connor's labour of love is packed with voting tables, photos, statistics and a year-by-year commentary. It's everything we fans could have wished for. As a reference book it's invaluable for settling puzzlers like just how many times Norway has come last or which singers weren't natives of the country they sang for. I'm forever dipping into my copy. Ignore the couple of reviewers here who marked this down.

Clearly the book they'd prefer would be unsellable to a mainstream audience and let's face it, unless this book sells in quantities there'll be no further installments. And that is my only issue with this great book; as soon as it's published it's quickly out of date. The most recent copy stops at the contest where the fiddler from Norway triumphed. Here's hoping for a much anticipated update soon. One person found this helpful. Great for those of us who love the Eurovision song contest.

Lists all the winners etc year by year and has useful facts and figures for real nerds. A little out of date now but still worth it to settle those arguments about who came 2nd in I bought this product as a gift but it appears to be a very comprehensive history of Eurovision. It gives details of all the entries over the years along with scores and final placings for each Country. I would recommend it to anyone who has an 'Serious' interest in Eurovision.

Recipient loved it. I bought this book as a Chrsitmas gift. It arrived promtly. The reciepient has told me they enjoyed the product. Format: Paperback. I've never cared for the Eurovision song contest. A few good songs - even a few great songs - have emerged from it, but the vast majority of Eurovision songs are of a questionable quality. So why did I buy this book? Well, I saw it at a very low price when I was hunting for bargains and my instant reaction was No! But on further reflection, I realized that it might be useful to me. First, the statistical information might occasionally be useful to me as a reviewer.

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Second, the actual story of Eurovision, especially the dubious voting practices, might be of interest in itself. Reading about Eurovision wouldn't force me to actually listen to any of the music, so I decided to buy and do not regret the purchase. There are between two and four pages devoted to each year's contest from to , plus a Euro-stats section that brings together all kinds of statistics, some of which are more useful than others.

One of the tables shows which countries have competed most frequently. Only Germany has entered every contest, though it failed to pre-qualify for the final in Britain in and and France in and have each missed two contests. France's omission in was due to the death of their president a few days before. Other statistics show how many times each country has won or finished last in the main contest.

One of the intriguing aspects of the pre-qualifying is that it offers no real guide to how those songs will do in the main contest, even relative to each other.

The very first contest was staged in and featured just seven competing nations although three other nations including Britain declared their interest too late, so were excluded. That first contest allowed two entries from each nation, since when one per nation has been the rule. From the very first contest, the music performed at the contest has mainly steered clear of popular trends although there have been exceptions.

Eurovision Song Contest

Even when internationally popular songs made their debut at Eurovision, they didn't always win, though Abba proved that they do occasionally. To create a user profile on Eurovision. This button will prompt you to login or create a new account. Choose "Create new account" and follow the steps to complete your profile. Go back to the "Login" button located on the top right-hand side of the website and choose the option Try retrieving your login and password by clicking here.

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The Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group is the executive Committee for all Members, its purpose being to control and guide the Eurovision Song Contest. The Reference Group is the Executive Committee for all Members, its purpose is to control and guide the Eurovision Song Contest.​ The EBU Eurovision Song Contest Executive Supervisor.​ Frank-Dieter Freiling from Germany is the Chairperson of the Reference Group of the Eurovision Song.

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A synopsis is the name given to the technical confirmation of a Eurovision transmission. The synopsis includes the reference number, date, time, origin, destination, contacts and technical details e. Pick up a free public transportation ticket valid for 60 minutes from the baggage collection area, just before customs control, at the airport. States have always used the song contest in their cultural diplomacy. The crises in Crimea and eastern Ukraine have been playing out in parallel at Eurovision. Russia had thrown vast amounts of talent and money at Sergey Lazarev's extravagant special effects number, and felt robbed.

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Kremlin officials and lawmakers slammed the voting system and claimed there was an "information war" against the country. Alexey Pushkov, head of the State Duma foreign affairs committee, said on Twitter that Eurovision had "turned into a field for political battles. This time Ukraine chose a perfectly inoffensive rock song. Rainbow flags still make up a healthy proportion of those waved by the audience, and some host nations see the contest as a great excuse to celebrate LGBT rights more generally — including Vienna, which instituted same-sex couple traffic lights for the contest.

When Ben Goodwin, the author of travel blog "Railways and Randomness" and a committed Eurovision fan, traveled to Ukraine with his partner last year, the pair were discreet about their relationship. The contest's renown as an LGBT event isn't without controversy. In , Turkish media didn't broadcast the competition — allegedly because of the lesbian kiss that served as the climax of Kristia Siegfrid's "Marry Me. The EBU is an organization of broadcasters, not governments. When Madrid finally got to host the contest in , it was one of the most extravagant, dramatic editions ever seen.

The stage featured a sculpture designed by Salvador Dali. Austria voiced its disapproval of the government by withdrawing, and there was an unprecedented four-way tie for victory between France, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. With no rule in place to resolve this, all four countries got a medal.

The contest now has rules for such an eventuality. If there's a tie in Kiev, the song with the highest rank from public votes rather than the juries will prevail.

If it's still a tie, the song which got points from the most individual countries will win. And if it's still tied, the one with the most allocations of 12 points wins. When Estonia won the contest in , the first post-Soviet nation to do so, it also seized the opportunity to revamp its image as a nation. Paul Jordan, an academic better known as Dr. Sweden, a six-time winner, has a dominant market position and is crushing the global pop scene like the Vikings ruled Danelaw centuries ago.

Martin also wrote Britney Spears' " Baby One More Time". This year, the countries that have received the Swedish touch include Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Croatia and well, Sweden. Azerbaijan won in with the help of a Swedish songwriter, naturally and then went on to host the most expensive contest in Eurovision history.

At President Ilham Aliyev's behest, Baku shelled out for a 23,seat hall resembling a ring of diamonds set atop the Caspian Sea, as well as a fleet of more than 1, London-style taxis painted deep purple. Hosting the contest has never been cheap; Ireland basically had to stop winning, as it was getting so expensive to hold it repeatedly. In , Armenia used Eurovision to mark the centennial of the massacre of 1.

This year, Armenia left politics behind. Beware of trying to skirt Eurovision rules. A " Reference Group " oversees the contest and has come down hard in the face of regulatory breaches. The question of what language to sing in has animated many a Eurovision pub discussion.