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The Fairy Queen: a musical guide
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From the womb of Night and Death was spawned a race that dwells in Nibelheim Nebelheim , i. Dramma giocoso in two acts.

What a treat the London Music Conservatoires serve up for opera-goers each season. Music composed by Ambroise Thomas. One of the most important literary and cultural figures of his age, he was recognized during his lifetime for his accomplishments of almost universal breadth.

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However, it is his literary works that have most consistently sustained his reputation, and that also serve to demonstrate most clearly his many-faceted relationship to music. Concentus Musicus Wien.

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Arnold Schoenberg Chor. Nikolaus Harnonocurt. Music composed by Henry Purcell. Andrew Foster-Williams sings with gusto and appears comfortable as an extraordinary variety of characters. For a visual and dramatic feast, this reunification of play and music for The Fairy Queen is an absolute triumph. If you are a library, university or other organisation that would be interested in an institutional subscription to Gramophone please click here for further information.

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  • As baroque operas bloom, 'The Fairy Queen' gets an uneven Dallas Bach Society performance.
  • The Fairy Queen : Act V : 43. Song (soprano) the plaint.
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Recorders imitate bird songs, and the fairy chorus sings light and lively music. Stock characters then lull her to sleep in an erotic set of songs. Their solos are peaceful and dreamy, with languorous melodies accompanied by muted strings that move from the upper registers of the orchestra to the lowest.

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The music is rich and dissonant, and the Followers of Night end the scene with a dance. In the scene that follows, two characters named Corydon and Mopsa sing a rustic seduction duet, dressed in drag. It's full of broad, slapstick humor. The music of Act Four centers around a masque in honor of Oberon's birthday. The scene opens with an exuberant and joyous symphony. Soprano, alto, tenor, and bass soloists depict spring, summer, fall, and winter respectively.

The first three seasons are accompanied only by obbligato in very short, intimate pieces. But the longer winter is accompanied by chromatic and dissonant strings. The chorus hails Phoebus to end the masque.


Act Five has a masque put on by Oberon for Duke Theseus. This earthy masque of Juno celebrates love in all of its manifestations. During a symphony, Juno descends out of the sky in a chariot, then sings of happy love and a "plaint" about the loss of the loved one. Next, in a Chinese garden, a rousing song about free love and the natural world is sung, until a group of monkeys joins in, in a dance of bestiality. Hymen, the god of married love, complains cynically about broken vows but "They shall be happy as they are fair" is the conclusion of the poetic argument.

The masque ends with a stately chaconne. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

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