What Astronomers Wish Everyone Knew About Dark Matter And Dark Energy
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The same people the same teams who propose existence of the divine boson and of the neutrinos faster than light…. But, I repeat, all this is about rough calculations! Only God knows exactly as things work. For sure, not the gentlemen and ladies of the mysterious dark matter. The particle of God they looked for by powerful means, should give mass to particles.

In fact, the question arises: by increasing energies and by using more powerful accelerators, will they find more new particles like chemists, who almost every day invent new organic compounds, of which are millions nowadays.

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On the other hand, some ultra long lagrangians have very little to do with the plausibility and the simplicity of the early Universe. Poor Occam! And a lot of years before A. Einstein published his Theory of Relativity , all the Universities, all over the world, were looking for the cosmic ether, as they thought the electromagnetic waves and therefore the light itself should necessarily propagate in a media, just like the sounds propagate in the air. So, they supposed the space was filled with an extremely light and transparent gas, called ether.

And those Universities even calculated very precise values for the density of such an ether!

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Einstein's relativity did away with the need for such a medium, but cosmologists have recently found that an. Gravity is the most detectable physical phenomenon of the universe. Nothing or nobody can escape its grasp, even in very large, astronomical distances. It is manifested in many aspects of our lives. Yet we are still not really sure what carries.

The Michelson and Morley experiment, made to prove the movement of the Earth through the ether, failed. I suggest that dark matter we talk about nowadays so strange, heavy, transparent and simply not plausible , will soon end up like ether! The beings a join in a illumineous affair together agian universal order out of chaos the illusion of worlds gone past made from the mind of matter watching out in deep space a place to dwell a place to sell from out of nowhere manifestation occurs for given to the world play you for what it is worth untill the cows come home.

This according to their own logic is not science. Anybody can type in numbers but what are the numbers based upon: something that conforms to THEIR theories? Do we just take their word for it and keep throwing billions of dollars after nonexistent evidence? If I had such a job I would laugh all the way to the bank. I would suggest that physicists begin to look at the infinite and self-replicating patterns such as how galaxies are formed or why at both axis poles of all orbs in the universe there is an upwelling of forces at What is causing all of those self-replicating patterns?

Are there infinite and internal vortexes unseen energy fields in the collective geodetic locations of the universes that are generating these patterns self-sustaining those patterns? Is this energy spiritual rather then inter-dimensional? Is the energy ratio that is sustaining the material universe Come on people, you are getting paid to produce: start earning your keep. Start thinking outside the box.

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William John Meegan, I very much agree on your points. AmarPal lived years and Nimrod lived years, they are not the same person. But it wasnt Nimrod who died bc April 22 on Mekir 15 which is 16 days before he would turn on the new year Pamenot 1, instead that Marduk year was the death of year old AmarPal in one of those years i. Book of Jasher says bc is this Esau killing Nimrod years after a bc Flood.

Sad that in my day of schooling, they did not tell you of planets in zodiac locations they claimed that would be astrology , and instead we talked about the geology of planets, the rocks, the air on them, the moons around them. I guess it was to get dumb volunteers to land on the moon. We have been there claiming planets make backward loops or circles around epicenters when instead the Earth was just passing the outer planets and making them look as if to go backwards like passing a car and filming the horizon forest in the background of it.

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So too in a planetarium i now see why Venus is given this circle too, it backups across the stars as it speeds thru inferior conjunction between its greatest elongations. Now what i wish to know is does anti-matter exist. Are there positive electrons positrons and are there negative protons that in their moment of existence cancel out the opposite particles they meet.

Reminds me of our school textbooks that say that the reason hot wires are positive and grounds are negative is because electricity are not electrons flowing forward but empty electron spaces in empty orbits as holes flowing backwards. The mystery of what dark matter actually is remains the ultimate challenge of modern fundamental physics. The core question is whether it is indeed a missing mass source, such as a new type of matter, or whether the gravitational law is simply different at gigantic length scales.

While the first option seems very tempting, we haven't actually found any dark matter yet. Also, while gravity laws are well tested within the solar system, one has to be careful extrapolating this to scales which are at least one billion times larger. One well known attempt to get rid of the need for dark matter is Modified Newtonian Dynamics MOND , which suggests that Newton's law of gravity becomes irregular when the gravitational pull is very weak — as is the case in the outer regions of the galaxy. But this theory, although successful in many respects, hasn't passed the same stringent tests as our standard model of cosmology, which includes dark matter.

The main problem is that MOND cannot explain the missing mass problem in galaxies and galaxy clusters at the same time. Another very strong argument against MOND is based on the observation of colliding galaxy clusters , where the stars of each galaxy pass through each other, but the gas clouds stick together and stay behind. A famous example is the Bullet Cluster , which consists of two such colliding clusters. Observations suggest that dark matter follows the stars in these events, which have a lower total mass than the gas cloud.

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MOND cannot explain why that is. We set out to tweak the laws of gravity in a different way. Our approach assumed that a phenomenon known as Vainshtein screening is at work. This suggests that each sufficiently dense, compact object in space generates an invisible sphere around it which determines how the laws of physics behave with growing distance. This sphere is a theoretical concept to help us understand the difference between small and big scales, rather than an actual physical membrane.

According to our theory, within this bubble the laws of ordinary Newtonian gravity that we see in our solar system hold for objects interacting with the massive body at the centre. Outside the bubble, the theory suggests that the gravitational pull by the central object can be significantly enhanced — even though there is not more mass present. The bubble size would be proportional to the mass of the central object. If, for example, in a galaxy this sphere has a radius of a few thousand light years — a typical distance at which signs of dark matter is observed — the corresponding sphere of our sun would have a radius of However, the edge of the solar system is only 50 astronomical units away.

In other words, there are no objects we could observe that far from the sun to test whether the sun has a different gravitational pull on them than it has on Earth.

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Only the observation of entire systems very far away allows us to do that. The surprising effect is that the size of the Newtonian bubble grows with the enclosed mass in a particular way. This means that the law of gravity changes at different length scales in galaxies and clusters of galaxies respectively and therefore it can explain the apparent dark matter in both systems simultaneously.

That's not possible with MOND. Furthermore, it is consistent with the observation of the Bullet Cluster. That's because the gas clouds left behind in the collision are not compact enough to generate a sphere around them — meaning that the apparent dark matter is only notable around the more compact stars. MOND doesn't distinguish between stars and gas clouds. To our big surprise, our theory allowed us to explain the stellar velocities in galaxies a lot better than with Einstein's general relativity , which allows for dark matter to exist.

So there may actually be less mysterious dark matter out there than we think — and maybe even none at all.

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We plan to further investigate this interesting phenomenon. It could also be responsible for the high variability of galactic motion , for which we gather more and more evidence. Any massive body warps the space and time around it, according to general relativity. As a result, light rays take an apparent turn around the object rather than travelling in a straight line — an effect dubbed gravitational lensing.

An extremely interesting test of our finding would be the observation of precise gravitational light deflection by individual galaxies, which is albeit a difficult measurement. Our theory predicts a stronger light deflection for very compact galaxies so, excitingly, it could one day be falsified or confirmed by such a measurement. Explore further.

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Dark matter may not actually exist – and our alternative theory can be put to the test

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