How To Start Up A Handyman Business

How to Open a Handyman Business in Florida
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Although there are no formal education requirements for starting a handyman business, you might want to take a handyman course to brush up on your skills and check that you are familiar with the most common tasks. General liability insurance is vital to protect you if you accidentally hit a nail through a major water pipe or get sued by an unhappy customer, for example.

Here are a few more handyman business tips to help you succeed:. You have to know how to do so many different things, and there are also unique issues that can arise. Some of the challenges include:. With a positive attitude and the right preparation, you can enjoy a fulfilling career doing what you love. Good luck! Issuance of coverage is subject to underwriting. Not available in all states. A word of warning to new handymen.

How to Start a Successful Handyman Business

You see, most handymen are very lax about the marketing side of their business. They take the jobs that come their way, from whatever customer requests their services, hoping that the word will spread about their services. That is not a particularly good marketing strategy—no passivity ever is—but it is one practiced by many. When they do get around to enacting some marketing, they do it based on the lowest cost, or the lowest effort, and more than not fail or find few good results.

Because people are interested in updating their homes, they are willing to accept more old school methods, such as putting up flyers, handing out business cards, and even going door to door. One would be to go ahead and do some handy work for friends or neighbors, either for free or at a discounted price, and ask for referrals after the successful completion of the job.

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This will allow you to have testimonials that you can have in person in a folder you keep with you or you can put it up on your website. Beyond that, you can also network at different types of events, locations that you are sure your target market will be. This may be cost-prohibitive to some for example, if my target market is retired generation in affluent neighborhoods, their events might be too expensive to attend.

Start a Handyman Business / Top 5 Tips

The second way, which is much more effective and perhaps requires the same amount of time, if not less energy, is to go digital. One tried and tested method, which many handymen use to their great advantage, is to advertise your services on websites such as Craigslist. Craigslist is available in most countries and offers users the chance to freely post up their services, and for potential customers to find good handymen.

How to Start Your Handyman Business

STEP 1: Plan your. STEP 2: Form a legal entity.

Social media, without exaggeration, has taken over the world and impacted business in society in many ways. One is that people now tend to go online to find reviews and descriptions first before buying anything or utilizing their services. In order to give off the best appearance, you should really take some time to first create your Facebook page, and secondly to make it look as professional as you can.

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That means uploading your logo and choosing an appropriate cover photo for your page. Remember, the people are hiring you and your services, and they need to trust you a bit more. Showing them your face is a good first step in that direction. In fact, some, such as Pinterest, may not be the best for the handyman industry. If you only had enough time for one, choose Facebook. For a much more in-depth look at how you can use social media for your small business, download our free ebook by clicking here.

For all the good things that being a handyman naturally encompasses, one thing is that there is a ceiling to how much you alone can earn.

However, you can overcome this especially if you find yourself swamped with work by considering getting handyman employees. These workers will allow you to work two or more jobs at the same time, and is scalable. Meaning, if you find that you are still busy after hiring two workers, you can hire more, and if you find you are still busy with that many workers lucky you , you can hire more, and do that as many times as the market will allow.

Start A Handyman Business In Your State

The primary mistake most handymen make when first starting out is failing to think of themselves as businessmen. Yes, you need to be skilled with a hammer and a drill, but you also need to remember that you are a business first and a handyman second. You probably have a long list of things you could do — write them all down. Now go through the list and for each one ask yourself two questions: 1 do I want to spend my days doing this?

And 2 do I need a license to do this? At the end of this exercise, you should have a list of jobs you want to do and can do legally. Image credit: Fancycrave.

Take a minute to think about who you do want to work for. The sky is the limit here. Now that you have the perfect name in mind, register it with your state. There are a few different ways to do this, and will vary by state, so spend some time researching what works best for you.

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You will also need to register your business with the IRS and state revenue office. You may also need a business license — separate from any of your trade licenses — just to set up shop. As you work your way through all this bureaucracy, remember that, if you do it properly now, you will seldom have to think about these issues again. You already know your chosen business name is also available as a website, so go ahead now and buy the domain name.

More about your website later.

Things you Should Know before Starting a Handyman Business

You will also need a business bank account possibly with a credit card attached and phone number. It might be reasonable to use your personal phone as your business phone, but it is definitely not reasonable to share a bank account, so set up a new one.

Now is also the time to get yourself some insurance.