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Then yesterday, I noticed he had something near his mouth so I went to inspect it and it was a fairly large scab, which told me they'd cut him around his mouth and I hadn't seen it the night before. My husband was petting him and rubbed his left ear, he yelped and growled at my husband, totally out of character for him. So we started looking at his ear and although we did not see any physical signs of injury, neither of us could touch his ear without him wincing.

We found this to be the same of his back paws.

I don't know if there's any 'agency' that regulates dog groomers, but I do intend to find out. If you love your dog, I would steer clear of this place. I have friends that were interested in my experience because they'd never heard of the place now I know why! I have warned them and will continue to warn everyone I know with a dog or cat to keep away. My dog suffered at their hands. Aug 26, by Kimberley K. I let them know she has dementia and to be super gentle with her. She doesn't t like to be brushed because she thinks she is being attacked so they could clip her short like last time.

When I picked her up, she was completely shaved to the skin including her ears and tail her gorgeous fluffy tail all the way to skin! She was horribly traumatized!

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I had to get a sweater because she was freezing. All they had to do was call and say that they couldn't do her because she was to difficult, instead they said "they did what was best for her". Are you serious?? She's traumatized and embarrassed! All I wanted was for her to feel pretty for the short time she has left.

I am beyond upset They have zero compassion. Aug 26, by Kimberley Kelly. Jul 04, by Lori C. How could you people possibly write positive reviews about this place?

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Let me tell you, I walked in to see a small breed dog being sprayed with a high pressure hose directly in the face, into her eyes and and ears. The poor dog was trying to breath through the water! And trying to avoid the force! My little dog 7 lbs was completiy traumatized when she saw the place after having been there twice! I've never seen her behave like that- she's always so calm and sweet. But it explained it all when I walked in to see a tech doing that to another small dog. It was horrific!!

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I asked for her back and left crying! If I were you I would avoid this place at all cost - no matter how badly your baby needs to be groomed. Do it yourself if you have too. When I reported what I saw to my vet, several other people who overheard me said they had experienced horror stories also. The owner should know what's going on also. And they should have cameras inside. Beware if you love your babies! I ended up taking my baby down the street to Dawns groomers!! I explained what I saw and that my baby was not the same when seeing the cages so they said they would love on her And groom her gently like they do all their guests and clients.

Jun 03, by Courtney G.


I've been taking my Persian to shaggy dog for a couple years now and the girls always do such a wonderful job at an extremely reasonable price. I live in Lompoc now and still take him to see them and they are over an hour away! They are the best! Apr 09, by Christine B. They do nice work. Archie always smells great and everything is done without haveing to ask each time. Very trustworthy, and kind. Dec 21, by Jay J. Aug 21, by Dooozie W.

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I'd recommend Shaggy Dog Grooming to anyone who wants professional service and an excellent final job. I've brought Molly in twice and both times I have been very pleased. Molly is a long hair Dachshund who hates to be brushed. They are fast and very reasonable in their prices. She always looks beautiful when I pick her up. You can really tell that they love animals.

Mar 20, by Haley R. Love them!

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Nix, a 1. Quilting Ideas. The weekly report from the Bellaire Police Department. I asked for a short hair on the body bc she has a hernia and is having surgery Friday. I love their color.

Jul 16, by eduardbhy I came into Shaggy Dog Grooming, just last week because my dog really needed a deep bath. I was helped right away and the price was definitely right. My dog looks and smells great and I did not have to break the bank for it. Thank you! Jul 10, by lillab Shaggy Dog Grooming is the best place to get your dogs pampered at.

I would not bring my dogs anywhere else. Thank you Shaggy Dog Grooming! Jun 26, by cathrin Shaggy Dog is the only place I will bring my dog to get all their grooming needs done. They are gentle and sweet with her and she is always happy when we bring her back. Jun 25, by Walton White. Thank you Shaggy Dog Grooming for always taking care of my three dogs.

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They always look perfect when I come to pick them up after. Jun 11, by brearig I am more than happy with the service that I always receive from the lady at Shaggy Dog Grooming. And my baby actaully like coming here to get her hair brushed! May 25, by tiarav. I bring my puppy Lola here she is so spoiled here!

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They pamper her like the princess she is. The staff is more then excellent there divine. Keep up the good work. May 24, by Rose D.

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The staff is always friendly and do a wonderful job. Our cats are groomed wonderfully. People always ask why we groom them, they are both long haired himalyans and look great afterwards. Our yorkie is always proud as a peacock when he leaves. May 16, by abbyma.

May 09, by bradleygr. You do an excellent job grooming my dogs. My standard Poodles always look like their going to Hollywood when they leave your place. I love that!

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Thanks so much! May 04, by btepting. Apr 26, by michaelda. Apr 14, by emersona. Shaggy Dog has been grooming my dog for many years and is doing a great job and I will continue bringing my dog for the rest of her life. Apr 12, by jileng. Spot is comfortable here Good response in calling when Spot is ready, etc. Apr 10, by jeanne Shaggy Dog Grooming has always been treating me and my dogs really well.

My dogs are very happy here and their coats end up very beautiful and shiny. The people there are very nice. I'm very happy with the excellent service they provide time and time again.