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To say the unconscious doesn't exist is to say that you control your own heart valves consciously. Ever heard anyone make such a claim? Neither have we. Your IP : - Country : - City:.

We talk about anchoring and NLP. There are a lot of people who think NLP is a pseudo-science. These people misunderstand NLP entirely. It is NOT a science.

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It's a model. Mike discusses the straw man argument - when someone sets up a word like "hypnosis" by defining it in his own way the wrong way and then goes on to deconstruct it to prove that it doesn't work. Fascinating explanation. Chris gets tested by Mike to define anchoring. Thankfully he passes the test! Anchoring is attaching a stimulus to a specific state. It relates back to classical conditioning, but does not map across perfectly because anchoring in NLP is done at a peak state, causing the anchor to be set after only one instance.

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We have no idea why this happens, but it's kind of cool. This one is a lot of fun to reproduce because most of the time the subject will have no clue how to deal with the situation. You have been misinformed on the power of hypnosis. And i highly recommend all of his videos, beginning with the "magical brain" and a dvd "cracking the code to the extraordinary". That opend me up … rehearse how you want ppl to feel about u.. Short bold words. Happier reely happier than ever.

Mike, by the way, is a huge fan of anchoring the state of confusion. When he does this to people it's absolutely hilarious and he did this to Chris before the podcast episode was recorded. We get a great explanation from Dr. Mike on exactly how to elicit peak states in order to set an anchor properly. You'll learn about the John Grinder model for creating peak states. We challenge you to USE this stuff to anchor a peak state in yourself so that you can fire off the anchor whenever you want.

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It really does work! We discuss how people debate with each other these days. Open minded versus narrow minded Mike talks about weak points in debating such as the "All I know" statement which he reframes into a weakness. Another example is when people change the discussion after they realize they're logic is flawed. Hypnosis is the opposite of logical flow, as Mike beautifully demonstrates through the use of Milton Model language "word salad". We handle a couple of email questions as well on this session. Here's the outline of amazing and fun stuff we talked about on this podcast: It is official.

I said. Mike explains the importance of working with clean states in hypnosis. He describes this as not only important but crucial! The hypnotic state needs to be cleanly separated from the waking state see next point! Those of you "other" hypnotists who insist on saying "We don't awaken subjects, we emerge them", get over yourselves. Hypnosis is something we simply model as being related to sleep because that's how the public sees it. We know it isn't sleep. We just don't make a big deal about it. This will cleanly sever the trance state from the waking state.

We talk about how a stage hypnotist can get trained to become a hypnotherapist. Ensure your trainer knows what the heck he is doing. Ideally come to Toronto and study with Dr. Congruence - what is it? It's EASY. Most people get very poor training because they're not learning from people who really understand how hypnosis works and how to teach it in such a simple fashion. There are several other fascinating parts of the conversation between Mike and Chris. Listen to it. Here's the quick version of discussion topics that we went through: Mike asks Hugh to explain what happened to the world of NLP.

Hugh's answer provides some nice insight into just how distorted this field has become. Don't fall for the garbage, guys. Train with real pros like Hugh.

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Hugh explains 3 different definitions of NLP. They are about: 1 Modeling; 2 Process; 3 Distortion of tools to "control" people, and sometimes this gets used in a degenerative context, and often goes off the rails. Guess what?

Chris brings up the concept that NLP is not a science. Mike refines this by saying it's a "model about models".

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Hugh talks about using NLP to help clients disconnect from fear, build rapport, and many other examples that give people measurable results. Mike points out that everything Hugh says falls perfectly into line with the Mandel Model of Therapy discussed on other podcasts. This model says that a therapist can't go into the labyrinth, kill the minotaur and drag the subject out.

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He can only shine the light on the path and guide the subject. The importance of asking good questions - Hugh often asks his clients to teach him how to do what they do. For example, "How do you get so scared? Mike and Hugh discuss the neuroscience that is now proving exactly how NLP works.

Remember NLP was never introduced as a science. Richard Bandler and John Grinder didn't care about science being able to prove that something works. They cared about observing results. But now that neuroscience is advancing, it's becoming more clear as to how it works. Hugh goes through a discussion of eye accessing cues, and how the brain accesses certain senses by moving the eyes in a particular direction.

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This is a model, not reality for everyone. But you can calibrate each person and use their particular behavior to use this model effectively. It's fascinating stuff! We progress to a discussion of where NLP is today, and how perceptual positions and movement was brought into the model. Mike points out that it is simply appalling how some NLP "trainers" are performing NLP training events and even certifying other trainers, when they've never done proper training themselves. Find out who trained your trainer.

Chris asks Hugh to explain just how complicated NLP is to learn.