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I was floored to say the least. But the advice is just that good, the advice is without restraint in the realm of time. Highly Recommend it! Aug 06, TrumanCoyote rated it liked it. It gets pretty Oregonian in places and all that business with the pronouns and such started to come off sounding vaguely anti-male , and it's also rather snobby and pedantic at times.

But I did after all make it through the whole thing, which is more than I can say for most writing manuals. Anyway, the stuff about the stages in a proto-writer's career was illuminating, especially his account of his own fumbling efforts in that direction. And at least the guy has written some worthwhile stuff in his career; it's not like all he writes is writing books. However, all that talk of "students" soon grew pretty dreary; it's especially annoying when one of them points out something that everyone else missed yet still continues to be relegated to that ghetto classification.

It all seems rather inbred and artificial, as most college things do. Anyway, I doubt if I really got much out of all of this beyond the usual inane injunctions like "Be observant! So would I like Harlan "commend this book without reservation"? A more interesting matter is: I wonder if Damon would've bought it himself had he been the reader and not the writer Jan 31, Georgina Allen rated it really liked it. A good general guide to writing short fiction although much of the advice could be applied to any type of fiction.

I particularly found the description section useful as this is something I struggle with, also helpful was the annotated breakdown of a short story talking through the reasoning behind each part - it's always much easier to understand the process with a good example. I was hoping to gain a better understanding about the structure of a short story, though particularly as I'm far A good general guide to writing short fiction although much of the advice could be applied to any type of fiction. I was hoping to gain a better understanding about the structure of a short story, though particularly as I'm far more used to novel structure and felt that section could have been better developed.

Jan 16, Therese Gilardi rated it really liked it. Nov 26, Joseph Hirsch rated it it was amazing.

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About the Book Art History category titles focus on the narrative of high culture that is represented in artistic expression that ranges from the grand masterpieces, to paintings, drawings and engravings, to folk arts and crafts. The Classic Point of View: Six Lectures on Painting. Delivered on the Scammon Foundation at the by: Kenyon Cox. Publication date:

Guidebooks that have something to recommend them typically come in two flavors. Those with good, general information that may or may not be of use to the novice, and those that stress the granular details of whatever craft is being explained. The very best books manage to mix the right amount of information about the big picture and the small picture, to give the reader something more comprehensive and rewarding. The writer shares his wisdom on every page, in language that everyone from a freshman in high-school to a post-doctoral student can quickly apprehend yet still find rewarding.

Subjects include understanding different voices and viewpoints a common theme for teachers, but rarely if ever treated as well as it is here , how to edit and submit fiction, and how structure a story with the caveat that you don't over-structure it and thereby undercut the creative process, or stifle "Fred" as Mr. Knight calls the muse who lives in the back of his brain.

Some of the information is dated, but charmingly so.

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The author speaks of various resources to use, like yearly almanacs, dictionaries, and texts that undoubtedly took up quite a bit of space on his own shelf but could now probably fit onto a single flash-drive with room to spare. And one can't help but feel a flash of nostalgia when hearing the author expound on the advantages of the newfangled word processors versus the merits of those typewriters of yore. On the other hand, there is some eternal wisdom in the book, stuff that not only won't date, but can't, as it is part of our collective DNA when it comes to the need to tell stories and to hear them told.

Perfection arguably doesn't exist, but reading this book will get you closer, regardless of whether you've never written a word of fiction or you're a bestselling author. Highest recommendation. Jul 10, Joseph Carrabis rated it it was ok. Caveat up front: I studied with Damon Knight a lifetime and a half ago. This was a fascinating read for me as I could hear Knight speaking throughout. Is it a worthy book? Not convinced it is. What is not provided is clear, concise examples of technique. In Caveat up front: I studied with Damon Knight a lifetime and a half ago.

I prefer books that help you perfect your cutting then let you find your own way. Feb 25, Francine rated it really liked it Shelves: writing-craft. The information found in this book could be applied to all forms of writing, not just short story form. The author effectively describes all aspects of writing craft in a simple and straightforward manner. Within this section, the author discusses how it is not enough to have a singular idea, but that one must connect it to at least another and develop it further.

This section also covers research, plot, character, setting, and what a The information found in this book could be applied to all forms of writing, not just short story form. This section also covers research, plot, character, setting, and what a story should be.

What are the kinds of point of view in literature?

Aug 13, a hooded figure from your friendly neighbourhood dog park rated it really liked it. White a bit dated and not exactly an eye opener, this book is very honest and somehow true to what being a writer is all about! And sometimes it just helps to see all this seemingly obvious stuff put together. Especially liked the part about being partners with your own subconscious - a helpful advice I'm going to try and follow from now on. Apr 21, Emily Irish rated it really liked it Shelves: to-read. Great book on the fundamentals of writing good fiction. The only reason this didn't get 5 stars from me is because the name is misleading.

The book talks a lot about good general fiction practices, but offers no specifics on short fiction, what makes it different from novels, or advice on how to write a strong story with limited space. Still, I'd recommend to any writers of fiction. Some very sound general writing advice.

Not enough practical advice on writing Short Fiction for my expectations - nothing on SS structures, and the differences between short fiction and longer fiction, thenuances that can make short fiction writing more challenging. Jan 30, malrubius rated it really liked it Shelves: writing.

Good for beginners. Mostly about the creation process.

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Beginning, controlling, finishing. Not that much about the fine points of craft, which is not really the point of the book. Best part is about working with the unconscious, coming up with ideas and letting them gel. This book immediately feels invaluable to me as I am trying to navigate my way into writing more short fiction. This book is practical and filled with great exercises, as well as plenty of useful advice. I will be returning to this book frequently in the coming years.

the classic point of view

Jan 15, Grace rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction , writing , read-in There's a lot of great information in this book, even if some of the references are a bit dated due to the advances of technology. Aug 21, James Yu rated it it was amazing. A concise book about writing short stories.

Focuses on very practical advice. I especially liked the section on how to diagnose issues in a story, and how to go about fixing them. Nov 14, Val Mathews rated it liked it. Good exercises for aspiring writers to get outside themselves and see, hear, smell, and experience the world as a writer.

Jan 30, Eric rated it it was amazing. This book will teach you to write better short stories and get them sold.

Classical Perspectives

For those who are unfamiliar with Knight, he was an author, an editor, and a critic. In other words, Knight the real deal. If you are not yet making sales, this list gives you an idea of how close you are. Knight then works through all the elements of writing a short story, so that you may progress from one stage to the next. He teaches developing writers how to select and develop ideas, offering a checklist of all the elements a story must contain for it to be able to stand under its own weight.

Knight then provides an annotated version of one of his short stories as an introduction behind the curtain, to see those elements at work. Always the good teacher, Knight then concludes his book by offering some advice on what writers should expect as their career develops, offering tips and highlighting traps to avoid.

Do not mistake its brevity for lack of substance. Sep 22, David Hammerstein rated it really liked it. I found this book to be a succinct, balanced and practical guide to writing fiction. Damon Knight writes with the authority of a dedicated and accomplished author. The book offers practical exercises that complement the theory. Although most parts of the book are clear, I felt that the section on point of view lacked clarity.

Damon Knight even offers suggestions about spouse I found this book to be a succinct, balanced and practical guide to writing fiction.

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Damon Knight even offers suggestions about spouse selection for an author. The writing advice is generally timeless; however, some sections reflect the passage of time: recommendations of traditional print reference materials such as a dictionary and encyclopedia set and the merits of electronic versus manual typewriters.

There is even a section on an emerging technology: word processors. I recommend the book to all aspiring authors. Jun 29, Moira Russell added it. I think this is the book that first taught me about how the human mind likes to go 'ing ing ing': 'Opening the door and racing up the stairs the man only thought of grabbing the glittering ring. If this is so I owe Damon Knight a very large debt, and he also owes me one because now whenever I see that kind of thing ing, ing, ing in a story it makes me wince.