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Italy: The most erotic streets in Europe
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Many of its palaces were designed and decorated by Romano; others were adorned by Andrea Mantegna - though for Mantegna's masterpiece you need to visit Mantua's other great palace, the Palazzo Ducale, one of Italy's most stupendous medieval buildings - which, in a country such as Italy, is saying something. Then as I crossed the Piazza Sordello, two superb carved figures caught my eye.

The carvings decorate a building opposite Palazzo Ducale and depict two scantily clad giants, muscles bulging under the weight of the building they appear to support. By the time I reached the Palazzo Ducale, my pulse had quicked - the result of my walk or the sight of those muscle-bound giants? Mantegna's frescoes here, and those of Pisanello, are as impressive as those in the Palazzo Te, though less erotic and more wedded to the Renaissance than the Mannerist extravagance of Romano. But they've retained the freshness of their colours as if painted only last week.

While Romano adorned the rooms of the Gonzaga mistresses, Mantegna painted the Room of the Newlyweds Camera degli Sposi , on the ceiling of which an exquisite trompe l'oeil of a group of cherubs looks down on who knows what events below, as if from the ledge of a circular balustrade. This room is one of the most celebrated in Italian Renaissance painting, and was a model for generations of artists, both for the beauty of the painting and for its innovations in perspective. I left the palace and headed for the nearby lagoon-like lake that encloses much of Mantua. Here, couples walked hand in hand or cycled around its banks; lovers held trysts on benches and there were signs advertising a romantic dinner cruise around the castle and Mantua's city walls.

But, realising that I was the only one not attached to someone else's arm, I felt conspicuous and left. What were they doing here?

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Pleasuredome (12 Inch Version)

Were they plotting to get rid of her husband? Was he her boss, or vice-versa? They were surely being too sweet to each other to be married.

When the waiter came to take their order, I realised they were English. How perfect. Not only is Mantua an ideal place for a clandestine weekend break - those frescoes would put anyone in the mood - but the fact that it's so little visited means you can be sure of avoiding anyone you know. Getting there Ryanair ; www. If you hire a car, Mantua is around half an hour's drive. There are also regular buses and a train service. Naples and Pompeii Naples is home to the National Archaeological Museum Piazza Museo Nazionale , which contains a secret cabinet full of erotica said to have made kings blush, outraged the Church and been condemned by a priest as a "hell to corrupt the moral of the chastest".

See for yourself, then head to Pompeii, source of the erotica, to see further racy frescoes. Both are easily accessible in day trips from the Amalfi coast. Cresta Italy ; www. Venice Venice is romantic at the best of times - but add a certain frisson to your trip by visiting the home of history's most celebrated lover, Giovanni Casanova, in Calle della Comedia, near Teatro San Samuele. Then arrange romantic assignations in Campo San Polo, the square with which he is most linked, or have a drink in Florians, his favourite cafe, on Piazza San Marco.

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How an underwater pleasure dome for nights of revelry was built by a crook

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Erotic Flights of Fantasy

The Pleasure Dome (Erotic Flights of Fantasy) - Kindle edition by Riley Owens. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. The Pleasure Dome (Erotic Flights of Fantasy) eBook: Riley Owens: Kindle Store.

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This room is one of the most celebrated in Italian Renaissance painting, and was a model for generations of artists, both for the beauty of the painting and for its innovations in perspective. Katherine Frank and improv teacher Sawn Westfall join Sandra for part 1 of a wild ride through group sex and the animal kingdom! Lust for Wings by Riley Owens 0. All in all, the devices of this type can greatly diversify your masturbating experience and also bring some new colors to your bedroom play. The Wolves of Gardwich.

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