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She oversees the Missouri Review's various promotional efforts, including direct mail, national advertising, fundraising dinners, and charity events. Somerville also oversees the Missouri Review's cover design and artwork, and writes TMR's "found text" and art features. Quantity Available: Add to Cart. Description Author Bio. Description Fiction. Author Bio Missouri Review Books editors Kristine Somerville and Speer Morgan bring a combined editorial experience of nearly eighty years to publishing literary works by writers of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities.

I mean it. Shakespeare was a better stylist, Melville was more important to American letters, and Charles Dickens had a defter hand at creating characters. But among living writers, there is nobody who can even approach Gene Wolfe for brilliance of prose, clarity of thought, and depth in meaning. A bit surprising for me was the amount of horror stories and stories tending to the dark side of things.

I usually don't like horror at all, and some of the stories got a star less because of that. The ordering of stories is based on their publication date - except the last story. I'm fine with that, although a different approach, e. One of Wolfe's most straightforward stories. Good enough for those few couple of pages. Seems to be out of context. Reality shifts.

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Vermont Writers' Prize. Heinlein writes Beyond This Horizon then ceases writing science fiction to focus on war-related work. The nominee must have written and published at least one but no more than two books of fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. The Pere Marquette is a small, short river, with lots of smaller tributaries. Younger people preferred. Genre : Essay on early American history up to , not previously published, with preference being given to New England subjects.

Didn't understand it. Aug 19, SonLight rated it liked it.

Twelve Ounce Pound: A compilation of short stories (Volume 1): Omar A Drake: Books

Gene Wolfe can be maddeningly impenetrable. After reading most of the brilliant Books of the New Sun, I couldn't purchase this short story collection fast enough when I stumbled across it in a local book store. And like his novels, there is certainly brilliance here, at least occasionally, throughout the collection. But I repeat. Wolfe can be maddeningly impenetrable.

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Particularly as my progression continued past the halfway point, I began to see what at first were amusing, often times clever an Gene Wolfe can be maddeningly impenetrable. Particularly as my progression continued past the halfway point, I began to see what at first were amusing, often times clever and thought provoking challenges to peer beyond the words printed on the page and into supposition and interpretation, for what they really were -- exhaustive reader manipulations disguised by healthy doses of sophisticated prose.

The plot device wore its welcome out. What was unexpected became expected. I think, perhaps, that Wolfe's short stories are ill-served in this mass-consumption format.

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I think his stories may be better when served like a fine glass of wine -- sparingly -- to avoid dulling an extraordinary vintage into mundane beverage. Granted, some of his stories are brilliant. But it got old -- filling in the blanks -- or trying to. Often, short stories are served well when dosed with inscrutability and ambiguity. More to savor.

But many of Wolfe's stories left me scratching my head when I'd rather be invested in the characters. It's difficult to form any significant attachment to a story when, at best, and often, you're barely getting half of what you need to feel satisfied. Wolfe should have taken more opportunity throughout his short stories to embrace convention, rather than flout it at the reader's expense. Jul 10, Nikki rated it really liked it Shelves: short-stories-novellas , fantasy , speculative-fiction.

He's a very good short story writer, knowing just how to manipulate the reader and keep them intrigued while making them think. Some of the stories aren't so good, but most of them are brilliant, and in this volume each of them has an afterword explaining something about them and why Gene Wolfe picked them for this collection. I think I liked 'The Eyeflash Miracles' most. Nov 05, Daniel Polansky rated it it was amazing. Fucking Incredible. Do I get to use profanity on goodreads? I guess I'll find out soon. But it deserves it.

The best short-fantasist since Borges. If Gene Wolfe wrote in a foreign language this would be on the curriculum at every contemporary fiction class in America. It's great that they gathered all these stories to one book, because many readers may only know that Gene Wolfe has written the excellent The Book of the New Sun series and aren't aware of his fascinating short stories.

I think that the introduction by Kim Stanley Robinson is worth mentioning, because it contains lots of useful The Very Best of Gene Wolfe is a great collection of Gene Wolfe's short stories. I think that the introduction by Kim Stanley Robinson is worth mentioning, because it contains lots of useful and good information about Gene Wolfe and his stories. This introduction tells what kind of things have affected Gene Wolfe's writing style.

I thought it was very interesting to read about Gene Wolfe's life and writings.

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Twelve Ounce Pound (A compilation of short stories Book 1) - Kindle edition by Omar Drake. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or . Twelve Ounce Pound: A compilation of short stories (Volume 1) [Omar A Drake] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For over a month, I wrote .

If I had to choose the best story, I'd choose "The Fifth Head of Cerberus", because it's an excellent example of literary science fiction. It's a fantastic and a bit cryptic story, because its secrets are revealed gradually to the reader. It's a story, which must be read from start to finish in one sitting without pauses in order to fully appreciate what's going on. That's all I'm going to say about these stories, because I think that every reader should make their own opinions about them. Because all the stories are worth reading, I highly recommend this collection to all readers who like good speculative fiction.

Gene Wolfe's stories are excellent and they make the reader think about different things. I must say that it's truly amazing how versatile a writer he is - he can write almost anything from fantasy to science fiction. Besides being versatile he writes rich and nuanced prose. Feb 13, David Debacher rated it really liked it. There's some really great stuff in here. I'm not entirely sure why he gets classified as strictly SF when science fiction is really a relatively small part of what he's doing here, but whatev, it's great stuff either way.

Aug 12, Christian rated it it was amazing. Gene Wolfe personally selected all of the stories to be included here except the last story and included a small explanation or background story to each one. The stories are excellent and important reading, the addenda are fascinating and illuminating. Anyone who enjoys words and ideas should own a copy of this book, a collection of the best of each. Jun 18, Jeff Jackson added it Shelves: book-club Highly recommend the novella "Seven American Nights.

May 23, Patrick rated it really liked it. As a literary joke this is rather fun. Was it only a joke? Later he wrote stories called The Death of Dr. Island and Death of the Island Doctor, both of which are also featured in this collection. All three are quite different in style and apparently unrelated. Did you know that? Is it camp? The story unfolds at first in direct quotation from the books: a somewhat butchered version of The Island of Dr Moreau, complete with a sinister vivisectionist and his half-human, half-animal creations.

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Jason is not his father, and there is something strange going on at the costume party that evening. The story assumes a shape which is somehow comforting, even through the chaos. It is an appealing balance. The dominance of these archetypes is eternal, it seems.

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It is a science fiction story, though that much takes a while to become apparent: at first it appears to be about a boy on a desert island. His name is Nicholas Kenneth de Vore. Something has happened to Nick. Paragraphs of description are peppered with uncanny details: initially he emerges into the world via a hatch; his body is marked with traces of sutures; he hears voices which seem to come directly from the flora, fauna, and waves. On one occasion he had screamed in this way, without cessation, for fourteen hours and twenty-two minutes, at the end of which a nursing nun with an exemplary record stretching back seventeen years had administered an injection without the permission of the attending physician.

There are at least two others there: Ignacio, a violent and unpredictable older boy, and Diane, a strange young woman with whom Nick becomes involved. The island is part of a facility designed to contain the mentally ill. Nick has been through surgery to separate the two sides of his brain. What is this story?